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High Tea At Marcia’s

125_2548.JPG124_2491.JPGMarch 27 was the 2nd annual high tea for the Pfeiffer side of the family. Women came from near and far to imbibe Bigelow’s best and munch on orange scones. As the day was fair, much of the activity was held outside. Comments overheard included

Much Ado About Nothing

To the Hounds!

it is ever so delightful

. The white rabbit was present as was the mad hatter! The invitation list is limited – to wrangle an invite for next year send $10 to Nikki.


  1. Bill

    The Department of Homeland Security would like to send a sample of the tea to the lab…

  2. Nikki

    Unfortunately all the tea was consumed as was almost everything else that was edible in the house except for the cake as the sign on it said EAT ME and all thought that was a bit suspicious!

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