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NGC6240 Apocalypse Now!

n6240hub.jpgThe Chandra Telescope is a space based telescope like the Hubble, only it deals in Xrays. The Harvard/Chandra team have spotted what is going to be the next big thing (next to the big bang that is). 2 huge galaxies have been busily colliding for the last million years, and while that does happen from time to time, these 2 galaxies have huge super massive black holes at their cores. They are only 3000 light years away from each other (just around the corner in astronomical terms) and will crash into each other, causing distortions in the space time fabric and enormous bursts of gravitational waves!
This event will happen in the next couple of million years, but Dr Roger Brissenden of Harvard says their team is ready, and is already designing instruments to capture the event!

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  1. Nikki

    Oh my God! I better start going to church! I wonder if I should put all the metal objects in the house away – just in case!

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