With the advent of cool aluminum wheels, wheel locks have become more popular. These are strange looking little things with an odd looking head made of high strength steel that need a special tool that locks into it to remove the wheel.


The neat thing is that while some of tools interchange, there are not many duplications. And it’s really hard to get the wheel off if you don’t have the tool. So in this respect they’re great. However if you loose the tool you’re in for it.

Tool manufacturers make all sort of devices to get them out if the tool is lost, but it’s a throw of the dice if your wheel doesn’t get ruined in the process. Some wheel designs really make it harder by putting the lug nuts down some deep hole.

Personally, I don’t want taking a wheel off to be any harder than it is. The tool is small and easily lost, or left behind in a garage that is servicing your car. The Chinese make wheels cheap now that will match yours, like here.

To lock them down or not to, that is the question…