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macaroni and cheese

Here is the Macaroni and Cheese recipe so it is in a central place!

For 1 box of macaroni shells

Cook the macaroni according to the package directions. Mix in velveeta cheese and some cheddar ? to make it as cheesy as desired
Set aside

Melt 4 tablespoons butter
Once it melts- mix in 4 tablespoons of flour
Mix it together and pour in two cups of milk slowly ? mixing as you pour it in
Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until it comes to a boil.
Pour over the macaroni

You can put it in the oven but it will dry it out some ? if it is too thick ?add some milk and mix it in
As long as you use some velveeta it will be creamy – but add whatever other cheese you like

Billy – unlike your greasy bacon rolls – we eat this at a lot of parties!

Alternative Energy

With all the talk about the oil crisis, I am always on the lookout for alternatives to use in the country. We drive an explorer that runs on biofuel but it takes 2x as much so it isn’t really saving us any money and it upsets me that my drive to walmart is causing a Somalian to starve. So after much research – I thought a car running on methane from pig shit was the perfect solution but I really couldn’t stand the smell and I don’t do animals so it would never make it through the week . Since we live in the middle of the mennonites – I have discovered the perfect vehicle –
Pedal John pedal!

High Tea At Marcia’s

125_2548.JPG124_2491.JPGMarch 27 was the 2nd annual high tea for the Pfeiffer side of the family. Women came from near and far to imbibe Bigelow’s best and munch on orange scones. As the day was fair, much of the activity was held outside. Comments overheard included

Much Ado About Nothing

To the Hounds!

it is ever so delightful

. The white rabbit was present as was the mad hatter! The invitation list is limited – to wrangle an invite for next year send $10 to Nikki.

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