Yeah, the snow finally got here.. On the way to work I was remembering my earlier years in old cars during the 60’s. Everything was rear wheel drive and had a V-8. Also usually had bad tires too so that you ended up with one wheel drive, and that was the bad wheel. To get to work in the snow it was usually balls out and out of control..

My Saab, on the other hand, couldn’t be a better snow car. Cars with front wheel drive (which most are now, none then) are good anyway because all the weight of the engine is over the drive wheels. But you add snow tires and an electronic winter driving program and you’re pretty unstoppable. And if ice really becomes a problem some studs will solve that.

Most people think abs is unhelpful in the snow, and it doesn’t really help you stop when it’s real slippery but it does allow you to steer somewhat (although more like a boat than a car). And with front wheel drive you can also use the throttle to steer… push on it and you go wide, let off and it tucks in. Kinda fun in the slippery white stuff.

Another thing us old Saab guys used to do is spin around in parking lots. Just put your car in reverse, crank the wheels hard over and hold them there and blast the throttle for as long as you can stand it. Kind of like the air force’s centrifugal tester, the car’s rear end stays planted and the front swings around in fast circles. That will make you dizzy, but make sure you have lots of room…

And it’s off to the Olympics!