Lately, I have been thinking of a way to generate a winfall of cash. if RonCo can do it with the Popiel “Pocket Fisherman”, so can I.

After a few bourbons, this is my idea: Celebrity Ass Whoopin’. An audience text messages their selection from a list of newsmakers during week one.

Then they select a WWF wrestler, same sex, to do the whoopin’. Then you send the Whooper out with a film crew to catch the celebrity when they least expect it. Get it all on film. Week two, you show the film, and pick next weeks whoopee. If you do multiple whoops in the same week, you could have a runoff vote. And, if the celebrity continues to make the news, they are eligible for another round.

I figure, we will never run out of contestants, and the audience will become hooked.

Barbaric you say? I say “let the coffers be opened: let them fill with gold…”