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Change out your Mint hard drive to an SSD hard drive

So new SSD drives are sexy, and now pretty good in terms of reliability. And the prices are down, too.

I use Linux Mint Rebecca 17.1 for my work machine. I had two 500g hard drives, dual booted with grub2. So this is how I swapped out my Linux drive to an SSD. Why? For games dude, why else?

I plugged in the Crucial 256g SSD drive to the system and booted into Windows 7 from the grub boot loader menu.

I installed Acronis, a drive migration and backup tool, which came with the Crucial SSD drive. I downloaded it off the web per the enclosed instructions.

I then used Acronis to copy the Linux drive to the Crucial SSD drive.

Then I shut everything down and rebooted off of a DVD (or USB drive) into a Linux Mint live distro.

Once booted, I ran Gparted and copied the UUID of the new Crucial SSD Drive.

I ran Gedit as root and edited the grub boot menu text file on the Crucial SSD Drive, replacing the UUID of the first couple menu entries with the Crucial SSD drive UUID from Gparted.

I shut down and removed the DVD, and rebooted. Your system should reboot to the boot loader menu.  I then selected Linux and booted all the way into the SSD drive Mint Linux desktop.

I opened up a terminal as root and ran update-grub to finish out my grub menu updating.


I looked at using clonezilla in Linux and DD from the command line, but your partitions need to be the same size or larger on the target drive, and I am way too lazy to deal with that!

Paradise lost

I guess if you are a terrorist and you accidentally blow yourself up before you reach your target, instead of all the promised virgins you get a magazine and a sock.

4th of July

So citizen, what does 4th of July mean to you? What will you do? Hopefully you will think about our nation and it’s direction. I am becoming cynical of our future. I don’t like being cynical.

Health care: If you think we have great health care, you are immersed in a dream. Wake up. Overall our health care is too expensive, limited to those who can afford it and behind other countries in terms of management and modernization.

We need change. If you make it to 75, your health care should be free going forward. Personally, I think that if you are breathing, your health care ought to be free at the point of sale. You pay into an account while you are working – a flat 2% or some other number. No deductions, no discounts etc. A normed flat tax per income would help.

Political systems: Get lobbyists out. Get term limits in. Look at Mitch McConnell. I rest my case right there.

Energy: Don’t be an idiot. You cannot see carbon monoxide, but it will kill you dead. Who told us about it? Scientists did. So what they are telling us now is that we are cooking the planet. The planet cannot evolve fast enough to accommodate us and our pollution. Check the math. We need to get serious about alternate forms of energy. Clean coal technology is a myth. Energy from algae is a myth. People will say we have to protect jobs in the coal industry. Really? Tell that to all the businesses killed by Wal Mart, all the small farms gobbled up by corporations, and all the dairy farms gone under this last 10 years. Tell that to the furniture manufacturing industry.

Privacy: everything is fine in a car until someone dies in an accident. No seat belt, no airbags, speeding and on and on. Everything is fine with firearms until there is tragic event. So it is with privacy. Once your information is compromised, good luck. It’s too late. So take privacy seriously. This stuff with the NSA is troubling. Oh, but congress will sort it out. Like they have on everything else? Two words for congress: you’re fired.

So why am I ranting about this? Because fixing everything above won’t fix us: you and me. We have to give a damn. We have to write a letter, make a phone call, attend a rally or protest, something. It’s our job as a citizen. It’s not a hotel: it’s a nation. It’s us, folks.

Politicians’ spend crazy money on campaigns to win because they know that is the only time they need care about you and me. They bank on the fact that as long as we have Doritos and beer and Nascar, we won’t do a darn thing.

The last good run at politics as usual was the wall street protest movement. But in classic fashion, all the politicians and press painted it as youth wanting a free lunch. Thank you professional journalists, you are so valuable. “Houston we have a problem” is what they should have been reporting. Watch the documentaries of how no one is in jail for the mortgage backed securities and derivatives that were sold unethically. Watch “Inside Job” some night with your Doritos.

I dare you. I double dare you.



Studies of stupidity

So I don’t usually rant, but today I’ll make an exception.

Many many studies are showing that texting, talking, fiddling with a device, drinking, eating, exercising and on and on can be dangerous while driving. Thank you in flight rocket scientists of the world.

I’ll go way way out on a limb and predict that texting, exercising, drinking, smoking, playing the pan flute while diffusing an atom bomb may also be dangerous.

Listening to creed blaring loudly while castrating a lion may also be dangerous.

Accidentally waking a sleeping Kodiak Bear in a small dark cave while wearing a protective suit of honey and meat as a result of texting on a noisy smartphone keyboard may also be dangerous.

Punching an Orca Killer Whale in the eye accidentally with your blackberry while texting under water and then snapping a photo of the inside of his stomach may also be dangerous.

Cutting limbs off a tree with a chainsaw in one hand while texting your wife with a smartphone, accidentally snapping a photo of your moments before severed leg may be dangerous. You could fall on your own leg, driving it right through your chest.

Aren’t these things self evident? Let’s focus, people.


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