I am an optimist. I don’t know how I got that way. I think it is more like, I hate to give in, or give up, or to roll over. So I won’t say things are b**, but rather that they are not so good these days. You know, the economy and all.

Since the economy is not so good, all the junk mailers are taking my possible gullibility seriously. The are apparently overly concerned with not putting me off by misspelling my name. I mean, are there really people with the last name of radewhacker, or ramdacker, or radmacker?

This used to be the norm. I’ll spare you all the past misspellings. I almost started a scrap book with my kids to record all the different ways.

When I lived in Mississippi, I found out my name at vehicle registration was rademacher williams. And all the junk mail after that had that name. The great state of Mississippi had sold my data to some company that resold it and on and on and on. Wonderful.

All the current junk mail has my name spelled correctly. Things do get better! Sort of.