We’ve got this new windmill down on Round Bottom road… been there about 2 months now. 2 weeks ago I saw it turn for the first time, not spinning, but just a lazy trip around the block a few times… hasn’t moved since. I’ve also noticed that it’s been overcast and gloomy for the last 2 weeks also. If we put all our money in windmills and solar power, we would be screwed.

I like the idea of backups. I probably have 3 copies of this picture I just took of this windmill already, and I just took it about a half hour ago. I think I need a backup for Duke Energy, too. I recently read an article on all their new high tech monitoring gizmos, so that with their quick reaction times, they will reduce down time. Since then, my power has been out at least twice, and a couple of days each time… And Hurricane Ike about wiped them out.

Our Civilization seems to be at an energy crossroads. And I for one would like to see all the available avenues pursued, and used, and not just the green ones.