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TV World

Ever miss a show that you just have to see… you missed Men in Trees because your husband taped over it or the electricity went out? Not any longer…

I noticed that NBC and ABC are streaming their popular shows over the web for a week after they’ve aired. Free. The downside is you have to sit in front of a computer to watch it… and my 1.5mb download speed limits the size of the picture somewhat. But, things will only get better, right? If this trend keeps up, download speeds will get faster, more channels will be streaming their already aired content, and I can get rid of my cable and watch day old stuff for free!

I’m going to need more chairs for my office…greg


  1. Bill

    Here’s a tip. If you have a laptop, use an s-video connection cable and connect it to your TV. (of course, you need a laptop or computer with an S-video out connection and a connection on the TV…).

    Adjust your laptop screen resolution to fit the TV, and boom, you can atleast see it bigger on the TV.


  2. Greg

    I like it! The wife is suspicious of my computer being hooked to the tv, but I think that’s a great idea!


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