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Tripwire Saab

I got this new racing game where you can totally customize cars and paint jobs. Did this for the families love for saabs, and my love of our game. Enjoy! – david
Tripwire Saab 1Tripwire Saab 2


  1. Bill

    That’s cool.

    I had a SAAB, a 1986 900s non-turbo 5 speed.

    The fastest I could get it to go was 0 to 60 in 9 seconds.

    I had it up to 125 on the Autobahn, then a rabbit passed me…


  2. Greg

    Was that a VW rabbit or the fuzzy kind?.. Also the cool saabs are pea green! love the race cars! What game is it.. looks like nascar 4 but they don’t have saabs in it..


  3. david

    Hey i’m shopping for a car, got any ideas of what’s cool to drive these days? I spend all my time behind a computer ;p

    The game is Forza Motorsport 2 for XBOX 360

    i should bring it home for xmas time.

  4. Greg

    Need a car? Bentleys are nice, I like the continental… also the porsche cayman is way cool…

    but to get back to reality, you can’t beat jap cars for not breaking… and the new civics and stuff even look cool… get a honda..


  5. Bill

    Rambler Metropolitan, it has no equal.

    Hey David,

    I have some questions about the lethality in the game. I’ll see if I have your email, and drop you a line.

  6. Chris

    I had A saab Turbo SPG ’87 it was fast way too much torque for the tranny though… BOOM!

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