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Trebuchet adventures

the-great-pumpkin-chucker-001.jpgShortly before October 31st of 2006, some of us RC types attended a birthday celebration for the son of a club member. His wife challenges the men?to build something to throw small pumpkins, and bring it to the Holloween Party. She said the rule was that is had to be?made only of materials available in the early 1800s.

Well, we have never been too big on following rules. We ended up building a Trebuchet, actually a modernized floating arm trebuchet. WIth 500 lbs of counterweight, it heaves a reasonably sized pumpkin a good long ways. it is built on a 5 X 10 trailer. If you ever get down to our place, bring something to heave. Maybe it will even show up at a family reunion. You never know.


  1. Greg

    Did they have dimension lumber in the early 1800’s?
    Just wondering….

  2. david

    Dude, that thing is awsome!

  3. Chris

    Looks Like fun maybe I can put my Ex in there

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