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The amazing travelling cat

cat.pngA few weeks ago, we moved into a new home, about 5 miles from our old home. We moved one dog, and?five cats. One of our cats, Boris, really didn’t like the new dog.?Boris would seek refuge under our Chevy Tahoe truck. It seems Boris would climb above the rear axle, and sometimes he’d sleep there.

One day, I drove to the old home in the truck, to finish cleaning. After I got out of the truck, and opened the garage door,? Boris popped out from underneath the truck. He was pretty freaked out. I think I was too.

This happened another time.?He rode all the way to the old house, under the truck. We brought him back to the new house again, and thought “this is a becoming a problem…”.

One day, We notice he was missing. For a few days, no Boris. My mom said “you think he went back to the other house?”. Nah, no way.

Yes way. I went over?to the old house, to cut the grass. Boris came out of the front bushes, meowing his head off. He looked thin, hungry, and mad. I don’t know if he rode over there another time, or if he walked all the way there.?But there he was.

Now, before we take the truck anywhere, we do a “Boris” check.


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  1. Greg

    I personally wouldn’t think a cat would do that twice. It happened to me back in the 70’s. My cat was on top the rear end and rode all the way to work (30 miles). I heard a noise when I got out and saw him jump down and wander crazily away… I picked him up and kept him in the office till it was time to go home. However, he never did it again… Boris must like it!


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