We went up to Chicago for a small vacation just before Memorial Day. My wife didn’t want to fly, because getting in those cramped tin cans has been freaking her out lately. Me too. So into the car and off we went with map and Google in hand.

I plotted and planned this trip so not to be caught off guard by a new city. However things don’t always go as planned. (Actually they never do..) Of course, the first problem is road construction. I thought last year was the worst, but with stimulus money floating all around, I fear this year will be the winner. Luckily we didn’t get hung up too bad, and got into Chicago, sailing up Lake Shore Drive, but missed a turn because a bus was sitting in front of the sign, and drove all over Chicago to find my hotel..

Since there is no place to park in Chicago, we used mass transit. The idea is pretty cool.. every bus and every train run about every 10 minutes. So we’re off to a play, and are waiting by the bus stop. Forever. Then I notice this paper tacked to the bottom of the pole. This bus isn’t running today because of construction. But it did suggest another a couple of blocks up.

The next day we thought we would ride the Blue Line train up to Wicker Park. Sorry, the train wasn’t running because of construction today. Where have I heard that before? But luckily they found a bus to haul us up there.

So then it was time to go home. We’re all packed up and headed over to Lake Shore drive for a scenic ride home. Nope. Today they are having a biking event on Lake Shore Drive, with thousands of bicyclists, and the road is closed for the day.

This stuff can be extremely frustrating, but, as with all human plans, oft go awry. However Chicago is one fabulous city, and we’ll be back