Just saw Twilight. What a movie.. Everything I thought I knew about vampires just went belly up. You thought a stake through the heart would kill them? Not so. You have to rip them to shreds and burn the peices. You thought sunlight would burn them up? Not so. It just makes their skin shiny, giving them away. It seems that the rules change, unlike the physical laws of nature, so it’s hard to get a handle on dealing with vampires.

And these are great guys! They like baseball, classical music, and high end Euro cars…. how can you hate people like that. They are also vegetarians… not that these vampires eat at all, but just that these particular vampires won’t feast on human blood, but Bambi is another thing. This bunch looks like a Norman Rockwell family, but with a slightly haunted look.

There has been a lot of vampire movies and shows lately… They all seem to deal with romance and the ultimate bad boy… But for me personally, I think I’ll stick with a normal warm blooded human. Vampires around would make me a nervous wreck…