I prepped a new 2008 280hp 6 speed Aero X today. Before today I was kind of on the fence about this car.. gas is going up, and the latest offerings from Saab before this car was a 9-7 SUV (Trailblazer). I was kind of thinking that Saab needs some kind of hybrid or electric car or something, but they seem to keep making cars that get worse gas mileage than the one before.
Well. I gassed it up about 5 miles from the shop (57 bucks), and headed back. I was feeling kind of frisky and thought I would give this car a workout. Then a huge thunderstorm blew up, dumping buckets of water on the road. I didn’t even have to slow down, in fact, I just kept going faster… torrents of water or huge puddles or water washing across the road wasn’t an issue. Never once did I slip a wheel (18 inchers), and it was plowing thru some major water barriers.
I think I found this car’s forte. It was like the old Morris Garages motto… “Safety Fast!”