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Letter to Kids…

mom.jpg Today is Monday, the start of a new week, and I am a very busy person. Grandpa and I have to do our exercises.
First we do our sitting exercises. We sit and we sit and sometimes we do jaw exercises while sitting. I’m better at the jaw exercises than Grandpa, I think because I’m younger.
The next big highpoint in our day is THE MAILMAN! We do our walking exercises going back and forth to the window to catch sight of him. Then when he comes, I do my TO THE BATHROOM walking and Grandpa does his TO THE MAILBOX walking.
Next we have our card game—–to improve our memory and exercise what? Of course, our jaws!
Then it comes time to select dinner! Whatever shall we cook? I’ve already cooked his goose in the card game! You know, of course we must cook fat free, so we make some hot cheese and salsa dip to tide us over until we decide.
We finally, after more jaw exercises came up with “hot poppers”.
Dinner was good, a bit hot, but none the less wonderful. You see, old people have to increase every experience, because they suffer from OLD PEOPLE BURNOUT.
Now, I want you to understand how difficult it is to squeeze in a letter to you! But you are an amazing grandchild, truly.
It’s very difficult for us to keep up with the Surgeon Generals messages, but so far so good.
I had to put this letter on the computer because, we are NEW AGE GRANDPARENTS.
Your Loving Grandmother Marcy

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  1. Bill

    Hey, careful there. You look like you’re working up a sweat. Better take it easy!

    More salsa please.


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