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Excuse Me…Cats do rule the world!

spoiledcat.JPGI’m sorry Bill, but cats do rule the world…

I’ll just use 2 cats that I know of for an example…we’ll call them linky and mai mai to protect their identity…

1. These cats have never been cold… their environment is kept at 68 degrees year round.

2. They have never worked a day in their life.

3. They get fed more regularly than I do..

4. They are entertained nightly by their human protectors with a lazer pointer.

5. They have comfy places to sleep all day and night.

6. One of the humans they own has a concealed carry permit and enough guns to hold off a small south american country to protect them.

So in light of the facts.. you see cats do rule the world… sad but true.


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  1. Bill

    Hmm, smart cats you have there…whatever you do, don’t let them mix with the general population. We will all be in serious trouble!

    You forgot to mention that they have free medical care as well. (Maybe a 9mm isn’t free medical care, but it is cheap)


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