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DIY FW-190

fw190.jpgIt has recently come to my attention that the do it yourself craze has reached a new level. Not only can you change your own oil, redo your own kitchen, or do your own personal makeover, but you can also build your own (very rare) WW2 fighter plane! Since you’re still not allowed to build your own airplane you will have to get an airframe and powerplant license from the Federal Aviation Administration. Then you can get the airframe newly made from Flugwerk. http://www.flugwerk.de/
These guys are turning out newly made airframes from the original dies and machine tools that made the originals. Next you’ll need a motor. Since the original BMW 801 powerplants are extremely rare, a better alternative would be the ASH-82. This is a Chinese made, Russian copy of a Wright Cyclone. The engine is available and has comparable power and looks to the original. All you have to do is put it all together and away you go!

You might want to get a few flight lessons first…


  1. Bill

    I have to get one of these….

    I can take over Rineyville. Then….

  2. Greg

    You don’t need that much to take over Rineyville…


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