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Cats meet dog. The new world order.

124.jpgWe now have a big black Labrador Pup in our home.

The 5?cats we have are not happy. The dog is a new variable they did not address, during their planning for?home conquest.?

The thought process for the dog is “Food, play, poop, play, food, sleep eat, play, bark…”

As for the cats, “What is that, a dog? Are they mad? Have the humans discovered our plan? I must inform the others…”

When the dog encounters a cat face to face, it thinks “What is that? Smells like a cat…Food, play, poop, play, sleep, eat, play, bark…”?

And the cat thinks “I’m dead, take me now. I’ll save the others. I’ll have a statue in the Great Litterbox…”

If?cats could throw a tennis ball, then they could distract the beast long enough to get to higher ground. For now, they will continue to plan, in the garage. They have plenty of time,



  1. Greg

    Is that really your cat or is that a photoshop cat?… looks like you should get him/her a supercat costume.


  2. Bill

    It’s a picture I grabbed off the web, from a cat lover’s website.

    My cats are too lazy to do that.


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