mom.jpgIt is a warm summer day in Tampico. Rosarita is taking a siesta, Pedro returns from fishing in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

PEDRO: Wake up Rosarita, I am home with the fish. Our bambinos are hungry and I am tired!

ROSARITA: Oh, Pedro, I missed you. But I must have a cup of coffee now. Do you think this baby is too dark?

PEDRO: Naw, he will fade. You worry about the dumbest things. Do you remember you promised when I started my fishing business, you would cook dinner. The work is hard and I am no longer young.

ROSARITA: Oh, Pedro you are young to me. Would you mind getting my coffee, I have this terrible headache. I am exhausted because my sister Margarita came over. I had to scream at the little ones all day to make those donkeys for the touristas. They finished twenty of them, then they strung peppers for awhile. You know how the little ones are, they have been fighting constantly. Margarita is passed out over in the corner, she had too much tequila. But I got all the gossip before she passed out. I had to scream at the little ones all day just to get my coffee. Why don’t we just send Paco on his donkey to get us a pizza?

PEDRO: But what about the fish?

ROSARITA: Put them in the garden, they will make the cactus bloom.

PEDRO: You know Rosarita, I am very tempted to get you a green card and send you to Texas. There are many senioritas in Tampico who would LOVE to cook my fish!

ROSARITA: Cook your goose, don’t you mean?


Rosarita and Pedro smile and soon forget their troubles. Pedro takes the tequila and takes a big swig.

PEDRO: Rosarita since it is our birthday, I will cook the fish.

ROSARITA: Oh, gratias Pedro, I will knit you a serape while you cook.

PEDRO: After supper, call the neighbors and we will have a fiesta!

ROSARITA: I will call the little ones to get their work done. Jacinta, come feed the goats. Soon they will be fat enough for the pot!

JACINTA: I will not eat goat Mama!

ROSARITA: Then you my dear will starve to death! What do you think goats are for?

JACINTA: I named this one Horhay and that one Jennifer. I will live on chili peppers until I am big enough to get a green card and go to Texas.

ROSARITA: Unduly, unduly, is Chico here yet? Margarita is starting to stir.

MARGARITA: Where is the tequila? Pedro has come home, eh? Then I bet Chico is here too. Oh, my head!

ROSARITA: Wake up Margarita! We are going to have a fiesta! Chico is here, he is hungry, you can eat fish with us.

CHICO: I must eat now Margarita. I have to fix our donkey cart today or you will have to carry all those donkeys to market on foot.

MARGARITA: What else is new?

CHICO: That is enough Margarita, keep complaining and I will just lay down and take a siesta. Then I just might go to the cantina and pinch a few senioritas.

MARGARITA: I am going home and make myself beautiful for the fiesta! There are many more fish in the sea than you, you know! I just might get to dance with a young cabalero tonight!

CHICO: Keep sucking on that tequila bottle and we will make you the hat in the Mexican Hat Dance!