A hot engine in the winter is your friend,
In the summer, it?s your deadly enemy?..

Cars won?t go away till they?re fixed?

What breaks on cars these days is on the molecular level,
And I can?t see down that far?

It takes 10 years to get some idea of what you are doing..
And 20 years to get good at it?

You have to find out for yourself what the customer screwed up on his car?
He won?t tell you?

10,000 miles or more is too long to go on an oil change?
No matter what the manufacturers insist on?
(Your engine won?t blow up till it?s out of warranty?)

The cars engine compartment never gives back a dropped tool?

If you drop a small part on the floor that parts doesn?t have?
You won?t find it for 3 days

You can?t teach a guy not to break plastic parts (such as dash trim)
It?s a learned skill?

You?re gonna get cut and bloody?
But you do get good at getting blood out of upholstery..

Rust never sleeps?