head.jpg “Greg!, Kathy!, Get up!”

Ernie II, our next gen robot butler tries to wake us from our slumber. He’s not doing too well due to the new pharmaceutical sleep aids flooding the market. Finally, groggily, we crawl to the breakfast table.

A meal awaits us, but due to global warming and species extinction, the only thing left to cook is some sort of sea kelp. “Can’t you make this stuff taste any better ernie?” I ask… “I’ll do better sir, you know new synthetic spices are coming out every day.” ernie retorts..

Our new robot car glides over to pick me up at the breakfast table… don’t even have to walk outside anymore. In fact, I don’t have to walk anywhere. Personal transportation is the name of the game now. It sort of evolved from wheelchair scooters and segways. The bad thing is our legs don’t seem to work to good anymore….

At work, I’m gently dumped in my office chair. My team of robotic repairmen know more than I do now.. their 4D vision, auxiliary brains, and hydraulics pretty much make me a figurehead. I guess there’s always online poker! We don’t even need to work a mouse anymore, we have wi-fi interfaces built into the sides of our heads… an easily done outpatient procedure… been popular for about 3 years now. I have noticed my arms don’t work to good anymore…

The nightly news program is unusually interesting. Humans are shedding their bodies and having their heads encased in a jar. Computer and Virtual Reality interfaces satisfy every need and the company practically promises immortality!

As ernie II tucks us away for the night, I dream of my new jar….