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A Day in the Life…2/24/2010

ottomaticresize.jpg “Greg! Kathy! Get up!”

Ernie, our robot butler, wakes us up… our breakfast already made, and video news showing on our wall screen, our day begins…

My robotic car lets itself out of the garage (it’s programmed to start at 7:45 on the dot), and picks me up at the front door. “I’ll have to stop and get more hydrogen, Greg” softly whispers Sweet Lorraine, my 2008 chinese MG. She puts up the New World Times on my electronic dash reader…

Finally arriving, my car drops me off at work, “see you at 6!” and roars off to park itself… I enter my office and check on my staff of 5 robot mechanics. They’ve been plugged into the Internet all night training on the newest technologies. Things change daily these days and it seems every new car is different than yesterdays model… Last nights training was on the new Ion Drive BMW’s (Barundi Motor Works)… That was a piece of cake next to last weeks Magnetic Repulsion transmission…

Checking the repair orders, which consisted mostly of reprogramming and anti-virus installations, I noticed one that stood out… not Todd again! This guy drives an old Saab, and we all know how Saab guys are… This time he wants his mood lighting changed from blue to green… what a pain! Those old led strips are soldered in, I guess I’ll take care of this one myself…

Time to go home! Lorraine picks me up… “What would you like to listen to?” she purrs. I asked if she knew any new robot alternative bands and she answered “Wanna try Lothar and the Machine People?” Great choice!

Kathy was at the table waiting for me so we could eat dinner together. “I remember the old days” quips Kathy, “I used to have to shop for groceries, cook, do the laundry, clean, and a zillion other things… now I’m on my third book, and the publishers can’t wait to get hold of it!”

Finally, time for bed… with our robot cat Fluffy purring between us, we drift off to sleep thinking of what new bot we are getting tomorrow! Good Night.


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  1. Bill

    That is so darn funny. Porbably not too far from the truth!


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